Afrodizyak: Saf Güzellik

Bir model, başkalarının onayını aramak için kendisiyle ilgili her şeyi makyaj yaparak değiştirir. Ancak bu pek işe yaramış gibi görünmüyor. Bir gün bir model seçiminden kovulduktan sonra kendisini kovan fotoğrafçıdan intikam almak için yanına gider. Ancak kendisini intikam almak yerine vücuduyla ilgili gerçeği keşfederken bulur. HD 1080p Türkçe Afrodisiac altyazılı porno izle ve indir.


SCENE OPENS to Ester (Demi Sutra) in the midst of a meltdown, surrounded by beauty magazines she’s tearing apart, page by page. She’s a model at the top of her game, who has worked her ass off only to be told time and time again that she’s ‘not what they’re looking for’… She can read between the lines — they mean she’s not white. They want people like Annie (Anny Aurora). Annie, with her blonde hair and pale skin, seemingly has no shortage of work. Even Ester herself is obsessed with Annie, joining her one day for a photoshoot. As Ester fawns over picture-perfect Annie while they’re putting on makeup, she tries her best to hold it together but finally snaps, jealousy and lust consuming her. She seduces Annie and passionately falls into bed with her. Feeling invigorated from the steamy tryst, Ester is ready for the photoshoot with the world-famous photographer, Dita (Steve Holmes). When Ester sees Annie and two other girls, who are just as blonde and white, she’s not confident about her chances of being selected. In fact, by the time Dita gets to her, Ester knows her dreams are about to get crushed once again. How many times can a person face rejection before they’re finally pushed over the edge? Watch HD Turkish Afrodisiac altyazılı porno for free.

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