Kabus Gören Oğlun Dayama Vakası

Annesini sikmeye gelen genç bunda başarılı oluyor. Full HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı Dayama Vakası izle.


nterior, mom’s bedroom, night.”You had a bad dream? Alright. get in.” Son gets into bed behind mommy. She turns off the light. Everything is dark and blue. Son waits a beat and then lifts mommy’s satin nightgown revealing her butt. he reaches out and grabs a cheek. “Honey! What are you doing? Seriously – what are you doing? . I’m your mother! You can’t just cozy up next to me and feel me up, okay?” She looks at his crotch and sees he has an erection. “Is that an erection? . Jesus Christ, Adam! I have to be up at seven! I don’t have time to explain how wrong this is to you. on so many levels.. Okay listen. how do you want to deal with this? You want to go back to your room and take care of that? OR do you want me to lie here and pretend to sleep while you feel me up? . HA! Yea right. I was kidding. honey. I’m not going to let my own son me, that’s sick.. really? You really don’t see what’s wrong with that picture? .I’m your mother, Adam! I gave birth to you!

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