Kızımın Lezbiyen Arkadaşını Siktim

Candice ve Abby genç bir lezbiyen çifttir. Candace Abby’nin evinde bir gece yatıya kaldığında, Abby’nin babası Ethan tarafından kafası karıştırılır ve kendini bir testin içinde bulur. HD 1080p Türkçe Brooklyn Gray altyazılı porno izle.

It’s Better To Be Sure

A young lesbian couple, Candice (Brooklyn Gray) and Abby (Phoenix Askani), are hanging out together. As Candice lovingly brushes and styles Abby’s hair, they don’t notice they are being observed by one of Abby’s parents, Ethan (Ryan Driller), who is hungrily admiring Candice’s body. When the couple finally addresses Ethan by asking him how Abby looks with her hair styled, he cracks a silly joke, so that they don’t suspect a thing. A few days later, Abby looks upset about something, and Ethan asks what’s wrong. Abby replies that she and Candice had been invited to a friend’s house for a slumber party, but then the friend’s bigoted parents canceled the invitation because Abby and Candice are lesbians. Ethan suggests that Abby can invite Candice over tonight, so they can have their own little slumber party instead. Abby is delighted, not realizing that Ethan has an ulterior motive. That night, as Candice and Abby doze together on Abby’s bed, Ethan tosses a pillow in Candice’s direction and then ducks out into the hallway. Candice becomes alert but uncertain of what happened, and wanders out into the hall, running into Ethan. He asks if everything is okay, and Candice says it must have been a bad dream. Ethan offers to have a friendly chat in the living room, to help Candice relax. They make some small talk, and conversation turns to Candice’s relationship with Abby. Ethan asks if Candice is really close with Abby. Candice believes that to be true, but Ethan plants a little seed of doubt by bringing up things about Abby that he knows because he raised her, and then acting surprised when Candice admits to not knowing those things. Watch HD Turkish Brooklyn Gray altyazılı porno for free.Ethan asks if maybe Candice and Abby are more like friends rather than girlfriends, and questions how Candice is sure about being a lesbian. He explains that it’s better to be sure before their relationship becomes even more serious, because he doesn’t want Abby to end up too heartbroken later. He adds that he thinks Candice is a really nice person too, so he doesn’t want Candice to get hurt by putting too much time and energy into a mistake either. Candice becomes worried, and Ethan asks if Candice has ever even tried having sex with a guy. Candice admits to never having had sex with a man, and Ethan suggests that’s something worth trying, to see if Candice is really a lesbian. Candice is surprised at the idea of seeking out a guy just to do that, plus it would feel like betraying Abby. Ethan then offers to be the one to have sex with Candice, which shocks Candice even more. Ethan says it’s safer to do this with someone trustworthy, and since he’s doing this as a concerned parent trying to ensure Abby’s happiness, it’s not a betrayal. He keeps up the sweet talk and seduction, until Candice agrees. It’s all for Abby’s sake… right?

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