Kocasını Aldatan Şişman Güzel

Sıkıcı bir hale gelen evliliklerini canlandırmak isteyen Lila Lovely ve kocası yeni bir oyun fikri ortaya atarlar. “Şans” kelimesini her duyduklarında seks yapmak zorundadırlar. Oyunu oynamaya başladıktan ve akla gelebilecek her yerde birlikte sikişmeye başladıktan sonra evliliklerine renk katılır. Ta ki Lila, “Şans” kelimesini kocası yerine ofisteki iş arkadaşından duyana kadar! HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı şişman kadın pornosu seyret ve indir.

Trigger Word

Daisy (Lila Lovely) and Nick, a married couple, are stuck in their everyday routine. They don’t really make the time to get as intimate anymore but want to change that. That’s when they decide on a little… game… where any time they hear a certain trigger word, they have to drop everything and have sex. It’s meant to make them more daring and spice things up, so they choose the word ‘chance’ and decide to roll with it. Things seem to be going well, a spark reignited between the couple as they get frisky in all KINDS of places over the next few weeks… until Daisy one day hears the trigger word while she’s stuck at work. She tries hard to ignore the heat coursing through her body, knowing that she won’t be able to go home and see Nick anytime soon. But it soon becomes clear that there’s no way she’ll be able to make it through the rest of the day without some kind of relief. When she hides away to masturbate in desperation, an unsuspecting office janitor (Derrick Pierce) happens across her. Daisy’s been conditioned to crave wild sex now and, without her husband around… well, what is she SUPPOSED to do? Watch HD Turkish subtitled şişman kadın pornosu for free.

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