Olgun Sarışınla Yağlı Masaj

Leo Vice, yüzünde heyecanlı bir sırıtışla masaj salonuna giriyor. Sevgili yaşlı amcasından kendisine hediye olarak verilen ücretsiz bir Nuru masajı için hediye çeki var. Görevli masaj terapisti Ryan Keely kupona bakıyor. Görünüşe göre süresi TAM sona ermek üzere, bu yüzden Leo’nun zamanlaması mükemmel. Ryan sırıtıyor ve Leo’ya özellikle bu onun İLK Nuru masajı olduğu için ona çok iyi bakacağına dair güvence veriyor. BİLSİN ya da bilmesin, OLDUKÇA büyük bir ziyafet bekliyor… HD 1080p Nuru Massage porno izle.

My Uncle’s Treat

Leo Vice marches into the massage parlor, an excited grin on his face. He’s got a gift voucher for a free Nuru massage, given to him as a present from his dear, old uncle. Ryan Keely, the massage therapist on duty, looks over the voucher. It seems like it was JUST about to expire, so Leo’s timing is perfect. Ryan grins and assures Leo that she will take very good care of him, especially since this is his FIRST Nuru massage. He’s in for QUITE a treat, whether he knows it or not… Ryan runs Leo through the ins and outs of the massage, giving him a general overview of what to expect, and then invites him to strip down with her and get started. They chat casually as they strip, and Leo shoots a quick peek at Ryan’s ass as she lowers her bottoms. Leo then lies down on his front and Ryan climbs on top of him. She drizzles the Nuru gel onto herself, letting it drip from her breasts and onto Leo’s back. She starts gliding over his back sensually, the gel glistening on her soft skin. By the time Leo has flipped onto his back, he’s clearly getting aroused. Ryan notices and grins flirtily. Leo watches in awe as her breasts cup his cock and glide up his torso, almost touching his face. Ryan performs various massage techniques, with every movement focusing more and more on Leo’s hard cock. She then pours some gel onto her feet and gives him an incredible foot job, followed by some mind-blowing oral. It isn’t long before Ryan maneuvres his cock into her tight pussy, and they have slippery, wet sex on the mattress. Leo better thank his uncle tenfold the next time he sees him because this massage was certainly a treat for the ages! Download HD 1080p Nuru Massage porno izle.

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