Üvey Annemin Yüzünü Güldürdüm

Genç delikanlı Tyler, babası tarafından aldatılan iri memeli sarışın olgun üvey annesi Alura Jenson’ı teselli edip yüzünü güldürüyor! HD 1080p Türkçe Alura Jenson altyazılı porno izle.

Cheering Up Mom

Thomas (Tyler Cruise) goes to the bedroom and sees his stepmom (Alura Jenson) is despondent. “I can’t believe he’s really gone”, she says. Her marriage has broken up, his dad caught cheating. “They made love in my bed – in our bed!”, she exclaims. “Are you gonna leave too?”, she asks Thomas. He says: “This past year you’ve done a lot to take care of me. My own mother didn’t”. Stepmommy is still upset, leaving the room. He next sees her on all fours, scrubbing the wooden floor by hand. “If we’re going to sell this place, it’s got to be clean. I don’t want to be in this house a minute longer than I have to”, she declares, and he joins her on the floor scrubbing. She catches him staring at her. “I just was staring because I thought you look beautiful”, he avers. Thomas takes stepmommy to the bedroom, sensing she needs a rest. “I don’t want to be here. I keep having flashes of them “, she says. He insists she sit down on the bed. “Tell me something good, something that makes you happy”, she says. He relates an anecdote about last Thanksgiving, when they first met. Stepmom is touched “That’s a nice memory”, she agrees. “I’m gonna need you to hold it together”, he advises. “Who’s the parent here?”, she jokes, and he responds: “You can call me daddy”. “Yes, daddy”… Watch what happens next… Their love scene includes breast worship, roleplay, doggystyle-sex, a creampie and finally a hand-job for a money shot on stepmommy’s huge breasts. Watch HD Turkish Alura Jenson altyazılı porn for free.

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