Uzaklara Kaçmak

Düşen notları karşısında ailesinin tepkisinden korkan güzel ama saf teen Haley, bir model olarak keşfedilme umuduyla evden ve ailesinden kaçmaya ve Los Angeles’a doğru otostop çekmeye karar verir. İçerik: Ama iki yarak sokma, double penetration, aynı anda iki yarak. HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı porno teen sex izle.

Run Far Away

Fearing her parent’s reaction to her failing grades, a beautiful but naive Haley Reed decides to run away from home and hitchhike her way to LA in the hopes of being discovered. After several sketchy drivers try to pick her up, she finds herself nervous and struggling to thumb a lift as the sun blazes overhead. Finally, a car drives past and a real creep tries to lure her inside … when another car pulls up suddenly and Xander Corvus and Small Hands get out, defending the girl and getting the creep to flee the scene. They calm Haley down and offer her a ride. Cool, handsome and having just defended her, she decides to get in the car with them. She sits in the back with Xander, who is dressed very stylishly, while Small Hands drives. Through small talk, the men reveal that they are also on their way to LA to try and get their band discovered. Everybody gets along famously. The men want to help Haley out by carpooling the rest of the way and offer to even put her up at the house they’ve rented for the journey. She agrees and they all drive to the house. Once inside, it slowly becomes clear that the men are not quite what they seem … but the teen, feeling caught up with the excitement of her impending big break and new friends, naively goes along with everything they suggest … even after they fill up her holes. Watch HD Turkish subtitled porno teen sex for free.

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